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Pilot: Tony Goodnow

Having grown up with parents who were not only balloon pilots, but also flew airplanes, ultralights, and powered parachutes, Tony considers himself to be very fortunate to have been exposed to so many unique opportunities throughout his life.

Since earning his pilot's certificate he has tried to share some of those experiences with others through flights, school and group demonstrations, and other educational and entertaining activities.  You can see some of the highlights form his adventures below, and if you are interested in contacting him about a flight or another opportunity you can email him at

 LTAirway @



Tony has always enjoyed watching television and movies.  The picture on the left was from a flight that inspired this website.  When coming in for a landing at Billard Airport in Topeka, in true 'Top Gun' fashion, Tony requested permission to 'buzz the tower' which was met with a chuckle from the air traffic controller.  

On the right, Tony had the opportunity to fly one of his favorite TV personalities from his youth, the one and only Barry Williams - Greg Brady from 'The Brady Bunch'.



Whenever possible, the LTA team takes one of their balloons to local elementary schools to help teach the students about balloons for their science classes with hopes of striking the interest of a future pilot.  

Though he is not what would be considered a competition pilot, Tony does have fun testing his skills from time to time at area events with some light hearted competition, but what he enjoys most is sharing ballooning with friends and family.  The picture on the right shows him overlooking the Nebraska countryside with his daughter.



One of the other things Tony loves about ballooning is the variety of things it allows him to see and do.  Whether it is flying through a picturesque valley, doing a 'splash and dash' on a lake, or flying inside a building, Tony tries to take advantage of the opportunities that come his way and making the most out of every adventure.


We are members of the Great Plains Balloon Club, a group of ballooning enthusiasts who share a passion for the sport and encourage anyone interested in ballooning to follow their dreams and keep the true spirit of ballooning alive and well.  We also believe that maintaining an active membership in the Balloon Federation of America, a unified voice representing balloonists across the U.S., is a vital step to keep ballooning as an activity that can be experienced by people from all walks of life.

A special "Thank You" goes out to all of the landowners across the country who allow balloonists to launch and land on their property.  If it wasn't for your hospitality none of this would be possible.  We are at the mercy of the winds and consider ourselves lucky to meet so many wonderful people when we drop in uninvited.  We hope you have had a pleasant experience and have some photos and special stories of your own to share with your friends and families.

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